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Texas, our Texas (all hail the mighty state)
"Death before defeat."
"Whatever you do for somebody else is never wasted."
About Me:
- I love cats.
- I hold Pentecostal Christian beliefs.
- I have access to the server that's hosting this site, and am thus acting as an administrator here, though my official rank was global moderator on the old forum.
- I'm 25 going on 16 years old.
- I'm classified as a ISTP on the Myers-Briggs test.
- I'm neurotic, and prone to dramatic mood swings. Don't be surprised if I'm joking or teasing somebody in the afternoon, and in the depths of despair that night.
- I tend towards a pessimistic view of myself and an optimistic view of others.
- I like making up nicknames for other forum members. That said, I'm a hypocrite; if you have a nickname for me, chances are that I don't like it and would prefer for you to not use it. I like to be called James or Gryph.
- I favor sweet tea and hot salsa.
- I'm a chronic procrastinator and time-waster.
- I like playing counsellor and psychologist. I can't solve any of my problems, but chances are I can tell you all about yours.
- I love old and new video games, classic Macintoshes, and emulators.
- I have sarcastic and mean streaks.
- I edit almost all of my posts.
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December 09, 2015, 05:57:17 AM
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